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Time goes fast they say. And I believe this to be true. I look back on the last few years and there is so much I want to share about my journey.

I'm not going to lie - I am a "sharer" :) I don't mind that people know my history, my weaknesses, my problems; this picture-perfect social media world prefers to share only the side of us that shines. But I'm here to share my story on why I sought out the path to become a Registered Dietitian. Why I'm choosing to invest my time, energy, and heart to helping others overcome roadblocks to their health. Because I was there once. So let me start my story by recapping the Blog post from several years ago, when a setback become one of the best things that could have happened for my career goals:

From March 2018

I had to take a day and half to digest the news that awaited me in my mailbox yesterday. I’d just arrived home from getting groceries & was on the phone with the husband when I casually walked from my car to grab the mail. And there it was. The EMU return address gave it away; this single envelope right here held the answer I’ve been waiting for. I started to shake, my body, my voice, I almost dropped the phone. I tossed it in a grocery bag, noting that the weight & thickness of the envelope did not indicate a packet of papers, but a single letter. I knew it. I knew it in my heart the second my advisor told me my GPA was on the lower end, I knew it in my heart when it took so long to hear from Eastern, I knew it when I saw it, picked it up & saw everything I’ve been working for slip from my grasp. But I also knew it in my heart when I started to question my desire to actually do the program, back in December. When I thought to myself “I worked so hard for this” and my response was “But clinicals? Food service? This isn’t what you wanted.” I knew overall, that there was a strong possibility I wouldn’t get in, because I did not have the heart to stop living to get 4.0 grades. Yes, I did my absolute, without a doubt, best. But I love my family, my friends, my running, cooking, entertaining. I cannot compartmentalize my life in a way that is unfair to those facets of my life that make me...well, me! I could have done more. I could have skipped family movie nights & quit my job, ignored my husband, my kids. You get the idea. But I simply could not do that; I did my best to the extent that I could for where I am in my life as a wife, mom, friend. And I just cannot compete with others who are out there, really putting in 150% of their time. And that’s ok. I’m no less of a person or student. My extremely wise Organic Chemistry professor once reassured me that as an adult student, it’s okay to prioritize a bit differently. But oh, the heartbreak.😥 Needless to say, I did not get in. I read the letter over & over. 38 applicants, 18 spots. “Wish you the best...” Like being sucker punched. Not good enough. Ugh. Deep breaths. I had somewhere to be; hold it together! I sat in stunned silence for about 6 hours. I was numb. But today is a new day. I believe that whatever God’s plan for me, it may not be what I wanted initially. But I know that door is not closed. I will choose to pursue my degrees in science and nutrition. Will I reapply? I don’t know. I have a few options to discuss with my advisor next week in regards to a different undergraduate degree. Dietetics is at a pivotal moment anyway since in 2024 it will only be offered as a graduate degree. Only time will tell! But I’m not giving up! My ultimate goal is to help people achieve their own personal goals with nutrition & encourage a healthy relationship with food. I would also really love to see children being exposed to nutrition education from a young age. I will not lose sight of those goals or of my purpose in the nutrition industry. So after my day and a half of reflection, I’m not in as bad of a place as I thought. I have the love & support from family & friends, my health, a positive attitude & well, I’m running this huge race in a few weeks called the Boston Marathon? Maybe you’ve heard of it? Yeah, that was another goal with some setbacks, too. But there you go. Don’t ever give up on our dreams. And if you ask for help achieving those dreams, don’t be surprised when God places things in your life that appear as obstacles; but when you look back, were actually stepping stones to get you where you’re meant to be.🙏 Thank you so much for reading & have a good night.❤️❤️❤️

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