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Going Bananas!

Frozen banana pops are a fave over here! To jazz them up, I tried out two yummy ideas.Half of them were dipped in melted semisweet chocolate & rolled in toffee pieces; the other half were dipped in melted white chocolate & rolled in freeze dried strawberries. (I also used stevia sweetened chips for both!)

I personally love frozen treats all year. Bananas are a staple in my diet as a runner, but I get pretty darn bored with the ole peel & go snack.

Bananas are not only a good source of potassium; they also provide around 20% of your B6 needs. B6 is used in amino acid (protein) and fatty acid (fat) metabolism. B6 also helps to convert tryptophan to niacin & serotonin. (One of the feel good hormones)

Hope you’ll give these a try!

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