Hello, my name is Amy and I thank you for stopping in! I'm a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist as well as a wife, mother of two, and amateur athlete.  As a 16x marathon runner, I know how challenging and rewarding it can be to set goals and strive to reach them. I understand the setbacks and the frustration; but I also understand that persistence pays off.  The same can be said for changes related to our diet and lifestyle habits.  

I believe that our relationship with food is a very personal and meaningful part of our lives. We each have a unique upbringing, lifestyle, and personality, which is why there is no such thing as a one size-fits-all diet. Working with me will allow you to be who you are now, while making small improvements that create lasting change.

Whether you're here for time-saving meal plans, guidance and accountability, or a

structured program to help you enhance your athletic performance, I will help you reach your nutrition goals. 

As founder of Simply Be RD, my mission is to help you be your best you.

Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be You.

Email me for your first complimentary appointment.